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Let’s Visit Wat Arun Bangkok

Wat Arun alias Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan is one of the many temples in the city of Bangkok, Thailand, which is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya river.

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One of the iconic parts of Wat Arun is the 82-meter-high Khmr-style Tower (Prahng), which was built in the 19th century. In addition to the tower, you can explore the ordination hall whose walls are decorated with murals depicting the life journey of the Buddha, holy places and places where Buddhist scriptures are stored.

Travelers can come directly to the temple in Bangkok around 08.30 to 17.30 local time. Watching the sunset (Sunset) at Wat Arun Temple can also be an additional and filling activity while there.