Escape Back to Nature at Yellowstone National Park

The oldest and largest park in the United States, Yellowstone National Park, was established by a joint resolution of Congress in May tention in 1872. Most of the park is a hardwood forest and except for a few areas of rocks and gravel, its very much a wilderness. Almost daily, small groups of people picnicking, camping, fishing, riding or hiking are seen at many of the trails and getting quite a few good pictures too.

Yellowstone is a wonderful place to visit and to once return to especially if you have been so swept away by its charismatic beauty. But as promised, you must return to return to nature once again.

Yellowstone, located in the state of Wyoming, is best seen from its various roadways which will take you from the valley of theirie to the geological wonder of the Canyon. The road systems range from quiet single lane winding through the townships of Buffalo to winding high speed chases through breathtaking Canyonland.

Chances are good you will see more wild life out on the road to Yellowstone National Park than anywhere else in the world. Grizzly bears, wild ponies, moose, mountain lions, bison, weasels, snakes, frogs, elk, dear, crayfish, fish, birds, etc. are all plentiful and easy to find.

Yellowstone is a wonderful place to visit and to be but one thing that you must remember is it is Volcanic Earth and we were not always here. Once we were forced to leave the Yellowstone Plateau we also had a massive glacier cover the area and it is still very much under our feet. There are still gorgeous camp sites, picnic areas, hiking trails and mountain views.

Simply put, Yellowstone National Park is a wonderful destination and one of the finest of the United States. I have included it as a major destination because of its geological nature and the one of the only places where both water and time itself exists as we watch the sunset.

Most people who visit go either directly to Yellowstone or to Grand Teton National Park. Both of these will carve up your time but are equally majestic as well. Grand Teton is grander. There are more camp sites along the Teton canyon and, as a result, more tourists and motor homes sold every year.

But both of them are very crowded and require significant time and effort to get to. So, unless you plan to just stay on the busier trails and are able to travel light, I would recommend the wilderness and Rim to Rim Tours.

This tour is well worth the minimal investment of time and is probably the best way to see the park. It is guided and will not be the sort of tour that sends you charging headlong down the trail like a deer on a ATV, but will instead let you explore the park at your own pace.

Rim to Rim is run by a group called the Grand Canyon Respect foundation and it is best to give them a call or stop by their website at and ask to plan your own Grand Canyon Tour.

The rafts work great and the guides are knowledgeable and patient. A change of venue and the ability to stop and orient yourself is what makes the tour different.

After a couple of days on the river, the shoreline allows you to enjoy shore fishing, swimming, or just sitting along the shore and enjoying the sunrise.

I highly recommend the Grand Canyon float tour. It will enlighten you as well as give you a great taste of life in the canyon, period. But be sure to wear a life jacket and take care of yourself and those around you. The Grand Canyon is a wild place and those who go too far into the gorge are Appalachian Falls and Rim to Rim tours.

There are guides to help you navigate the maze of the canyons and rafts but always pay attention to the ranger’s advice as a boater in the Grand Canyon. The water is clean and clear. There are many interesting and unique plants and wildlife. The wildlife is strong.

But beware of the powerful old men with heavy cameras who set up the tourist sites, the mule ride to the river base, the tour after the river tour is a piece of cake but why get serviced by them when you can have fun and watch the natural wonders head out unfold.

I have funed in the Grand Canyon on many occasions by taking either of the tour above and I am sure that you have had fun on many of them. If you have not been to the Grand Canyon, it is, indeed, a magnificent experience and most especially for children. But before going for a smooth river trip, you need to consider a few more things.

o Consider the Sandy Reason Behind the Tour

Most Grand Canyon tours start at the South Rim in Tusayan, AZ which is a reasonable distance away.